How I re–over-engineered my home network for privacy and security

A little less than a year ago, I wrote a now-popular post about how I over-engineered my home network for privacy and security. If you haven’t already checked that post out, it walks through how I used a UniFi Dream Machine (although most routers would work), a Pi-Hole to block ads and tracking, cloudflared for DNS over HTTPS, and Cloudflare Gateway to block malware/phishing to (over) optimize my home network for privacy and security.

What I wrote then remains true, but after having relied on, optimized, and upgraded what I described in my previous post for about eighteen months now, I’ve decided to build on what’s there by revisiting re-over-engineering how I setup, maintain, and manage the software and services that power and protected the network with a number of specific goals in mind…

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