How I feel quitting my own startup

How it feels quitting your own startup - Aquiles Carattino Corner of the Internet.
Creating a startup is an extremely personal endeavor. It starts with you, your computer, and perhaps one more person with whom you discuss. Moving away from the startup you created and sustained over years is a very tough decision.

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I know that it is hard for a startup to succeed, but I am really amazed with individuals who come up with ideas then start their own companies. It is just a dream of mine, which I don’t think will ever happen.

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Why not @mercyf?

The fastest way to do something is slowly :wink:

I think @mercyf is referring to coming up with good/great ideas. It is always that when something great comes up, a lot of us might say “Why didn’t I come up with that idea?”.

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I think according to statistics, most startups are closed and this is logical. Even gifted scientist inventors do not manage to realize all their projects. But the problem with startups is that their goal is not to help change the world, but as a rule, the goal of startups is to earn or get rich for its founders. Because of this, many startups have become a lottery ticket. And the chances of the lottery are small.

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This is such a great realization. I never thought of it that way.

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