How I built a telnet chat server with WebAssembly

How I built a telnet chat server in 2021 with WebAssembly.
I love the aesthetics of terminals and I’m not the only one, there is a whole
subreddit dedicated to people sharing their desktops and
showcasing different…

If a client’s process receives some malicious data from the telnet connection and crashes, it will only terminate the existing connection. It can’t access the state of any other Processes. In my first implementation I was often using .unwrap in the code, following Erlang’s let it crash philosophy and knowing that if I see any crashes in the logs I can always later investigate why they happened, but the application should continue running.

Lunatic is a universal runtime for fast , robust and scalable server-side applications. It’s inspired by Erlang and can be used from any language that compiles to WebAssembly. You can read more about the motivation behind Lunatic here.

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