How does AI change programming languages?

Darklang is going all-in on AI.
Like an aging rock star making a final stab at glory, I’m delighted to announce that Darklang is going all in on AI/GPT.

As everyone knows, the folks over at OpenAI produced a magic box that writes code. And it even produces quite good code – not perfect, not by

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I hope I am wrong, but does it seem that we are moving too fast for our own good with all things that AI can do?

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Hello this is Gulshan Negi
First of all, thanks a lot for sharing it with us. Well, in my opinion, AI has had a profound impact on programming languages, leading to the development of AI-specific languages, an increase in high-level languages, a focus on data handling, a shift towards dynamic typing, and the increased use of libraries and frameworks. These changes have allowed developers to create more sophisticated AI applications while also increasing productivity and development speed. As AI continues to advance and become more prevalent, we can expect further changes and innovations in programming languages to keep up with the demands of this rapidly evolving field.

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I don’t know how AI change programming now, because world quick changing. We don’t know how AI will looks in 1 year after.
Today I try use AI like google search. It help me to save a few times.

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People know from my previous posts that I’m not against AI. However in this case I need to agree. AI as a helper for writing apps - excellent for a startups. AI that replaces all developers in the world? It does not need to lead as to “war with the AI” or something like that, but if new generation would forgot how to create an application then it would be only a matter of time for a highest crisis we ever had in history.

Just think about it … AI does not need to be good or bad, but only one mistake, keeping in mind that nothing in our world is perfect, sooner or later would cause terrible problems.

This world needs a senior developers and in if AI would grow so fast senior developers for corporations would not be needed pretty soon. Of course I’m not trying to keep some position. I would be more than happy to receive less money if AI would simply my work. However we need to think what could happen in long term.

AI cannot replace any experts. If those would be needed people would need to learn everything from 0 without anyone that could guide them. Later AI would change a lot quality of languages/frameworks, so what people would learn from existing projects would be old/expired which means an IT regression.

People needs experts, maybe much more smarter than me, maybe number of expert developers would be much smaller as their work would be so much automated, but people needs to understand how “our” world works, how “our” technology works and how to repair everything.

If we count AI as 1 then think that there is 1 human who once failed would cause a problem to the whole population. It’s too big risk and experts should be kept even if they would not work. They would wait for possible problem like a fireman. Sooner or later there would be problem and AI just can’t do literally everything for us.

Again it would be a pleasure to work, but it’s too risky even if AI is the most empathetic creature.

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