How do you do personal accounting?

I use Mint, I’ve heard for YNAB but surely there are open source/more developer friendly approaches? I’ve considered using Ledger but also like the fact that my transactions are automatically synced from other tools. I may just use excel and manually import transactions, but there feels like something should live in this space.

I’m open to something that:

  1. Integrates with my banks for transactions
  2. Can be self hosted
  3. Is a bit more aligned with accounting transaction tracking than Mint is (when I sold my home, it totally messed up my net worth tracking because I had to delete the asset from Mint, and now it’s gone from historical trends)

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I used Apple’s version of Excel - the Numbers app. However that is for basic book-keeping and I just let the accountant handle everything else.

At one point I was going to create an app for it but just didn’t think it was worth it…


GnuCash, it’s amazing, though it can do a lot and takes a touch of learning first.

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i tried YNAB but i find it to expensive for my use case, so i returned to my googledoc sheet.


I use Money Manager EX on Mac. It’s free, open source, and works fine.