How can businesses help in the Coronavirus pandemic?

Slightly different our “How can software developers help in the Coronavirus pandemic?” thread, what do you think business can do to play their part?

Perhaps if we spot anything we see that could be beneficial we could contact retailers or local politicians with these ideas too…


I mentioned this in the developers cover-19 thread, but think it’s better here, I think social distancing and suppression is quite possibly one of the most important things we should do, but I feel food supply is a close second - because if people start going to shops and can’t buy food, it might quickly lead to social disorder.

Here our govt has said they’ve spoken to retailers, but I really do feel they need to do more. Retailers need to play their part, perhaps by:

  • Online orders only - so they can track what people have purchased
  • Retailer working together, perhaps by checking with a govt run database of food orders placed by specific addresses via ANY supermarket (to prevent people bypassing individual supermarket orders - i.e placing the the same order with multiple supermarkets)
  • Maybe using previous customer records to work out the supply they need - and limit orders to around that (with a small leeway)

@AstonJ Such plans assumes that politicians are smart and their highest value is to make their country better. Such politicians does not exists in Poland and I’m not sure if in the whole world would be much of them. Simplest example is a group of laws called by EU citizens “Acta 2.0”. Politicians made a good deal for them and did not listened to many of manifestations in Europe. In Poland many of politicians said that they would definitely not vote for this and at the end they followed money. Even change of government would not do much as all politicians even if in “official” conflict in private life are for example using same taxi.

Good thing would be to refuse all current politicians, but saying that is at least for now only possible thing we can do. In future of censorship we would not be even allowed to say that. Many of people here votes for social, because they are used to not work. Even if they would not then it’s still extremely hard to win. You need huge amounts of money and a huge army of people.

How it looks in epidemic case? Our politicians created plan called “anti-crisis shield” and except few small points it could have name “anti-crisis fail compilation 2020”. They want to (in fact) support banks and delay bankrupt of many companies by simply putting huge amounts of money. The first thing is not even how those points looks like, but from where they would get so huge amounts of money. Such plan just can’t success and it’s similar to how politicians wanted to solve problems last time, so they do not even want to learn on their bad moves.

That’s why I see no hope - at least for Poland. Of course I’m not saying that’s the end of world. We had already crisis and in longer history most probably many times, but any way we can’t say that’s a good solution.

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As voters in democratic societies we are all control who is or isn’t in power, and if you feel those in need to go, get together with other people and support or create an alternative. I personally feel nothing is impossible.

If you want to overthrow the govt entirely, then that’s probably beyond the scope of this thread - but people power generally works. Get support, get behind common goals, create new political parties etc…


You made my day @AstonJ!


I’m envy how in other countries people see it. Of course everything is possible, but how you imagine collecting a huge army (thousands) of people all of full trust? That’s without even saying about how would you collect millions of PLN. It’s something which is just not possible for most of people in Poland.

Simply look how huge is our migration in years and you would see how much we :heart: our politicians. Depends on reports outside of Poland live about 20 million people. That’s huge amount, isn’t it? Now look how much people are in Poland - less than 40 million, so 1/3 leave or was forced to leave. Of course some part of them is because of wars etc., but if things would be as simple as you say and Poland would be a good country then why even part of that people don’t come back?

We really have much more higher problems in country than you can imagine. Honestly? My half-joke half-serious idea about buying island and create an country there could have even more chance for success. That’s how things works in Poland at least about politic.


You are really cute, Aston. :heart:

It’s not about who is in the political office, at all. It’s about how are they being influenced by others after getting into the office and whether they become clones of the guy before them (they always do). What has been observed, time and again, in many places (not just Eastern Europe), is that the politicians optimise for certain metrics that usually have absolutely nothing to do with their people’s well-being.

Democracy is only working on paper because there are “shadow governments” in a lot of places that help official politicians get elected and then they are their puppets, more or less. Those people in the shadows are usually high-profile and very rich criminals and they are not replaceable by a democratic process. They usually own a huge chunk of the country’s media as well.

(Remember the Panama papers? Remember other leaks before that? Did any of that change anything, ever?)

The thin veneer of democracy apparently makes some people think they have true power – you are one example. But as a guy who grew up in a former Soviet republic and has witnessed 31 years of “democratic transition” I have to tell you that people in power fall in a very narrow psychological profile group. And those people mostly care for re-election and being on good terms with many others like them (home or abroad), and the well-being of the citizens becomes a footnote.

This might be too cynical for an optimistic believer like yourself but you should at least entertain what me and @Eiji say. Money and power are addictive, there are even studies proving that (and I’ll never forgive myself for not keeping those links but I am sure with enough search they can be found even today).


Panama papers? Phew … It’s nothing comparing to what we have. We in Poland have at least one much bigger thing which people found from old recordings and there is a conspiracy theory about that which if true then it could add some light about this virus, but then it would be extremely scary.

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Oh don’t get me wrong… I completely understand where you and @Eiji are coming from, and I think my underlying point is that you can make a difference (and not necessarily through political routes alone - though that’s just the most obvious way).

I completely acknowledge that much in the world is broken, and like many of you I want to change that - watch this space! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Time for some positivity:


New information from Poland … here business is dying due to higher and higher inflation, so no matter on who and what wish it will not help our country …

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