Haskell Playground is live at play.haskell.org

Haskell Playground is live at play.haskell.org.
Dear haskellers, it is with great pleasure that the Haskell.org Committee is announcing the availability of the Haskell Playground at https://play.haskell.org! The playground is a work of love by @tomsmeding, now with support from Haskell.org. He deserves all your encouragement! Now, to the details: Exposed Packages

Click here to see the list of exposed packagesaeson, array, assoc, async, attoparsec, base, base16, base64, bifunctors, binary, bytestring, Cabal, comonad, containers, contrava…

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Having playgrounds like this is really helpful and useful, especially when you are learning a new programming language.

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