Haskell Bookcamp (Manning)

Learn Haskell by doing Haskell projects! In this book, you’ll get practical experience writing Haskell code and applying functional programming to actual development challenges.

Philipp Hagenlocher

In Haskell Bookcamp, you’ll build your Haskell skills by working through hands-on challenges and conundrums. You’ll learn to look at each project through a Haskell lens, and then solve it using features like lazy evaluation, immutable data structures, and monads. And the projects are interesting! You’ll take on writing a tool for working with CSV files, creating a domain specific language for music, an image processing library using concurrency for high performance, and more!

As you work through each application, you’ll master Haskell basics and functional programming and dip into the language’s advanced features. Haskell’s abstract concepts can be confusing—so you’ll learn them from the ground-up with real-world examples rather than tedious academic exercises. Learn how to structure real-world applications, how to work with the Haskell tool chain effectively, and what to look out for when writing critical sections in the program’s logic.

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Oh that’s a nice one! Right on time.

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Book looks good, I add it to my list.

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Wish more books are like this, building real-world projects to teach the language. :slight_smile:

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