Hardware purchases and hardware wish list

Seems to be a load of h/w purchases on devtalk rn :iphone: :desktop_computer: :headphones: :computer: :keyboard:
What hardware have you bought recently?
What hardware is on your wish list??

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Great thread! I think we might need a section just for hardware at some point :sunglasses:

I recently purchased an Ergotron monitor arm which I love! I wish I got one ages ago now. What I love most is how much easier it is to bring the monitor closer to you (when you need to focus) and then push it right back, for when you are just watching something.

I also ordered a Moonlander mechanical keyboard, but haven’t received it yet.

I would love a Mac Pro and an Apple Pro Display - but I’m not spending over £10K for it!!


waiting for more apple m1 reviews/benchmarks… or slowing saving up for ryzen maybe


Have a look here @jaeyson



Received my new ThinkPad T14 last week :slight_smile:


Ah nice!

Will you be using it for Linux at all (if so @Exadra37 might be interested!) or sticking to Windows?

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I almost bought one in the BlackFriday, but I just want with AMD PRO(Memory Encryption), but they are not very configurable, therefore I was not able to build it for my specs :frowning:



The White Paper(PDF):



Linux Mint was the first thing I installed :wink:
Just using Windows for work as we depend on VisualStudio / .Net Framework.
Hope to slowly shift my work to Linux / VS Code as we migrate more apps to .Net Core.


If Apple doesn’t sort their act out I am going to try Linux one day - is Mint one of the better ones? I use CentOS on servers so would probably prefer one that is easier to learn from that perspective…

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I doubt you have an easier one then Ubuntu in the sense of plug and play.

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I did consider Ubuntu, but it is based on Debian, whereas CentOS is basically RHEL- so I am more used to things like yum and systemctl etc.

Having said that, I am considering switching to Debian for servers (because Red Hat are basically killing off CentOS) so if I do that then Ubuntu would probably be a really good option for me.

I do love CentOS and would prefer to stick to it if possible, or, Rocky Linux: OS compatible with RHEL by the founder of CentOS which seems like it will be its spiritual successor :smiley:

Centos for Desktop???

Even if they were not killing Centos would be nice for you to run in all type of possible headcaches :wink:

If you want play and plug stick with Debian based distros, being Ubuntu one the easiest ones that is always in the forefront, but then you have a lot of other distros that built on top of Uubuntu.

I like my life simple, thus I stick with Ubuntu, because… it just works :wink:

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CentOS isn’t really a desktop distro (mainly used for servers) so would probably be something like Fedora :smiley:

Debian on the server and Ubuntu on a desktop is a very compelling combo! :nerd_face:

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I know CentOS is mainly for servers, that why I said what I said :wink:

And for Fedora it may apply the same I said for CentOS.

The difference is that Ubuntu has a profitable company behind it, while the majority of the other distros are based on the open source community efforts to keep it going forward. You have some exceptions to this, but then the companies behind the distros are too small to keep it moving forward as fast as Ubuntu.

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Dude, just get Manjaro. It’s brain-dead easy to start with, extremely well supported, you get all the benefits of the rolling releases minus the headaches (because Manjaro lags slightly behind Arch – on purpose), and they have a grandma-proof installer. Also offers you KDE, GNOME and XFCE installers. It has a customizable installer as well.

I used Manjaro on several VMs in the past and never had a hiccup, not once. That project is only getting better and better with time.

I now use it on my bare-metal mini-server at home ever since the start of December 2020 and the only time I actually had to pay attention was when OpenZFS was upgraded from v0.8 to 2.0 which basically only needed me to issue 2-3 commands on the command line. That was it. Manjaro itself upgraded flawlessly, advised me to to get a newer kernel (extremely easy with 1 command and then another to include all your current custom kernel modules in the new one as well).

Easiest and the most friendly Linux I used. Granted I am not a professional Linux sysadmin nor did I use like 20 distros but I used most of the popular ones – Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, openSUSE, Arch, and I know I am forgetting at least 3 more. Manjaro remains the nicest to use so far.

Addendum: for Docker containers I was pleasantly surprised by Ubuntu. They have a very minimalistic image which is hundreds of megabytes smaller than many others (sadly Manjaro’s as well).

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