Hands on Rust - general question about adding touch support


Finished the book. Also did the bonus content of compiling to wasm and running in a browser (which is just an amazing capability IMO).

Given that bracket is primarily a console based thing, I suspect the answer is no but I’ll ask anyway. Is there a way (even a bolted on way) to have touch support in addition to the current mouse & keyboard support?

I would love to take this game and run it on a mobile device browser.

Hi! I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

I’ll have to research adding touch events into bracket-lib; I’ve not really played with WASM on mobile. I seem to remember some browsers pass touch events as mouse events (which will work - using bracket-lib’s mouse events), there may be some more to add in.

I’m wrapping up a release (a big wrap-up of bug-fixes and a new crate providing bracket-lib in the Bevy engine), but sadly won’t get it out the door until after my vacation. I’ll try and get this into the release after that one.

I’ve opened an issue on my repo to track this: Add touch event support · Issue #293 · amethyst/bracket-lib · GitHub