Hacktoberfest is upon us

How many are joining for the festivitas that is Hacktoberfest?
What will you be doing?

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Corresponding tweet for this thread:

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Have you taken part before Mads? What were the prizes last time? Nice that they will be giving out 70,000 t-shirts!

Never with amazing pull-requests, which is also what most others are talking about right now. https://blog.domenic.me/hacktoberfest/

I have only looked at the repositories where maintainers themselves have put “Hacktober” labels on their issues. And on top of that, I have only ever began working on PRs for these issues, if no other had claimed them.

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There is a bit of drama right now surrounding Hacktoberfest this year, because seemingly some kind of video about ‘how easy it is to make a trivial PR on GitHub’ went viral.

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It’s difficult to comment without seeing the video - if he was encouraging spam then that’s obviously bad, but if he was just trying to show people how easy it is to contribute to open source then maybe he was just trying to help.

I remb this excellent Railscast on the topic and I know lots of people, including myself, found it helpful:

They have responded to the issue and changed the rules. Hacktoberfest is now opt-in for maintainers. Rules are since today: