Grokking Streaming Systems (Manning)

Grokking Streaming Systems is a simple guide to the complex concepts you need to start building your own streaming systems.

Josh Fischer and Ning Wang

In this friendly, framework-agnostic tutorial, you’ll learn how to handle real-time events and how to design and implement a system that’s a perfect fit for your needs. Each new idea is carefully explained with diagrams, clear examples, and fun dialogue between perplexed personalities!

You’ll start with the key concepts and then work your way through increasingly complex examples, including tracking a real-time count of IoT sensor events and detecting fraudulent credit card transactions in real-time. You’ll even be able to easily experiment with your own streaming system, by downloading the custom-built and super-simplified streaming framework designed for this book. By the time you’re done, you’ll be able to easily assess the capabilities of streaming frameworks, and solve common challenges that arise when building streaming systems.

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