GraphQL for Rails Developers (PragProg)

Learn how to build a GraphQL API on top of a Rails application with this step-by-step guide.


Ryan Bigg

GraphQL is seen as a successor to REST APIs. GraphQL allows you to define a strictly typed API and to query for only the information you want, with none of the stuff you don’t. This book will also show you how to make those types defined in your backend API flow through to your frontend code, defining clear types in TypeScript.

A step-by-step guide for building a GraphQL API within a Rails application. Covering queries, mutations, union types, authentication and integration with JavaScript frontend frameworks. Gradually build up a fully-featured GraphQL API with RSpec tests in this step-by-step guide.

Ryan Bigg has been writing books and documentation for programming languages for over a decade. With these books, he’s provided training for thousands of developers around the world.

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Nice to see Ryan writing another book!

Ryan is actually one of my Ruby heroes and someone who helped me when I first started out - he probably doesn’t remember but I used to go into the Rails chat room to ask really basic questions and after about 3 days of it Ryan recommended a book and said “I promise you if you read that you will be able to answer all of these questions you have been asking and more!”

Up to that point reading a Ruby book hadn’t crossed my mind, probably because a few years prior to that I bought a PHP & MySQL book and just didn’t get along with it. Anyway I bought the book he recommended and the rest is history!

He also helped me with my first ever pull-request (on his forem forum) and even published his book as a .mobi for me because he was interested in hearing my thoughts on it! I loved his book so I am sure this one will be great too!

Thank you and good luck Ryan! :023: