Google Blog: Android's theft protection features keep your device and data safe

Android’s theft protection features keep your device and data safe.
Android rolls out theft protection features to safeguard your data before, during and after a theft incident.

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Has Android improved its security compared to iOS? I am looking to buy an Android to replace my old iPhone.

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Personally I prefer on-device tools rather than having to send so much to the cloud. Apple is not perfect but I prefer iPhones, particularly from a privacy perspective :smiley:

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I agree, but iPhones have gotten ridiculously expensive.

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“Is not perfect?” I still can’t believe that after covid people are able to construct sentences with privacy and Android/iOS words without negation. :exploding_head:

Governments were remotely installing software of which we did not had any idea and now we act like nothing happened? After such actions I’m not considering buying a new phone at all. It’s so sad seeing how people forget what happen and did not even try to force from them to take the responsibility. :disappointed:

Yes. android 13 or later version has more security modules.