Gleam v0.10 released!

Hi everyone! v0.10 of Gleam is out now! :tada:

Here’s a blog post going over the main additions:

This is extra cool release for me as I wrote hardly any of the code for it, other contributors took the lead! Thanks everyone :purple_heart:


Ah nice - congrats!

Have you got around to doing a roadmap yet Louis?

I keep meaning to start a thread (or two) about Gleam …I’ll get around to it I’m sure! :blush:


There’s a bunch of issues that give a rough idea of what we wanna do, but there’s nothing more formal than that. Was there something specific you were looking for?


I just thought it might be something people find interesting - to get an idea of when it will reach a level that could be production-ready and/or ripe for starting on frameworks etc (although I know @crowdhailer has already started on one :nerd:)

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I recon it’s already production ready, for a subset of your system. Just need to be willing to use some erlang libraries. But certainly the erlang libraries are pretty battle tested.

Also I have pushed a docker image for 0.10.0


@crowdhailer what’s the name of the framework? Would you please share the github repo’s link?!


Sure thing, it’s pretty early days.

Currently you need to fetch it as a git dependency. Once I have resolved how to handle the HTTP data structures, I should be able to push a release to hex. See this issue