Get 50% off these PragProg books with our Modern Web Book Sale

PragProg is having a crazy-good book sale right now :money_mouth_face:.

Get 50% off the following Web-related titles with coupon code ModernWeb2021 on

Modern CSS with Tailwind by @noelrappin Noel Rappin

Modern Front-End Development for Rails by @noelrappin Noel Rappin

Practical Microservices by @ethangarofolo Ethan Garofolo

Design and Build Great Web APIs by @mamund Mike Amundsen

Web Development with Clojure, Third Edition by Dmitri Sotnikov @Dmitri and Scot Brown @svmbrown

Build Websites with Hugo by Brian Hogan @bphogan

Real-Time Phoenix by :coffee: Stephen Bussey

Agile Web Development with Rails 6 by Sam Ruby and David Bryant Copeland

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Note: this offer is not valid for previous purchases and is good through April 13, 2021.


Ooo some nice books there!

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Pretty good! I’d buy some of them right now but I have one question:

How finished are those books? Can we expect a lot more errata (or even editions)? I’d love to have them both electronically and in print but I am wondering if there’ll be much more edits applied to them still.

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@dimitarvp some are in print already, while some are still in beta. The ones in beta are likely to have substantive changes (like new chapters), whereas in print books will stay the same until a new printing (minor revisions) or a new edition. Right now, none of the in print books have new printings or new editions in the works. The first two books (by Noel Rappin) are in beta as is Web Development with Clojure, Third Edition. All others are In Print.


Hi Margaret,
Ordered at least 4-5 books in the last 6 months and learned a ton.
Sometimes though I just wish I had a hard-bound copy but I’m in Europe and apparently you don’t ship / work with librairies here (France in my case), do you have any plans in the future?

@thomasbromehead Hi Thomas, Any physical bookstore in Europe should be able to order a paper copy of one of our books for you. It is up to individual bookstores if they want to stock PragProg books or not. My advice is to go into a bookstore that carries other tech books, go up to the counter and ask if they can order the book for you.

Just two more days to take advantage of the sale with with coupon code ModernWeb2021 on .

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@Margaret Thanks for the tip, I’ll try and do that once bookshops reopen!

Recent Elixir books not included? :frowning:

Just bought Practical Microservices, I am currently reading up about the topic so it’s good for me. Also, bought TailwindCSS because my friends are crazy about it and I am yet to be impressed with it, so let’s see if the structured journey that a book provides help me change my mind! :slight_smile:

I wish Phoenix LiveView were on this list! (I bought it already but it would be super useful for folks! It’s a great book on a great web technology).

Thank you so much for this!


@brennan sorry about that. I’ll ask about making a sale just for Elixir titles.

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@thomasbromehead I didn’t think about that. Bookstore here are open now. I wonder if some would take an order from you via phone or website?

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I like 3 of the books a lot but I’ll wait for prints. I want both: electronic versions and prints.

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do you have books on modern C++17 GameDev ? Thank you

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Hi @steelx, nope, we don’t have any C++ game dev books. The only C++ book we have is Modern C++ Programming with Test-Driven Development: Code Better, Sleep Better by Jeff Langr

The latest game dev books are:

Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies
Build 2D Games with SpriteKit & Swift
Tammy Coron

Hands-on Rust
Effective Learning through 2D Game Development and Play
Herbert Wolverson