Get 50% off these PragProg books during the First Impressions Sale

week-4-small__q1t6iq__ The Pragmatic Bookshelf is having another crazy 50% off sale April 27 to May 6.

Enter coupon code FirstImpressions2021 at checkout to save 50% on any of the following titles:

Hands-on Rustby @herbert
Make fun games as you learn the Rust programming language through a series of hands-on game development tutorials and real-world use of core language skills.

Adopting Elixir by Ben Marx, José Valim, Bruce Tate
Everything you need to know to take your application from concept to production, from business case to production performance.

Learn to Program, Third Edition by @chrispine
A gentle, lighthearted, practical introduction into computer programming for the total beginner.

Practical Programming, Third Edition by Paul Gries, Jennifer Campbell, Jason Montojo @jmontojo
Solve real-world problems as you learn the fundamentals of programming using Python 3.

Technical Blogging, Second Edition (+audio) by Antonio Cangiano @Antonio
This practical guide shows you how to share your technical expertise online — to amplify your influence, impact your field, and gain recognition.

Small, Sharp Software Tools by Brian P. Hogan @bphogan
Master the command line to improve and optimize your software development experience.

Modern Vim by Drew Neil
Using new features from version 8 of Vim, learn how to extend your editor and make it the centerpiece of a Unix-based IDE.

Essential 555 IC by Cabe Force Satalic Atwell @CabeAtwell
Build unique and clever projects, and learn how to use the most important integrated circuit ever made, the 555 timer.

Offer not valid for previous purchases. Expires May 6, 2021.


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Some nice books there Margaret!

I’ve just created a new Sales & offers section as well as I think people often like to check/subscribe to such sections :+1:

I have read “Adopting Elixir” and it is one of the best book of its kind. Can’t recommend this enough.

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Please post a review about it Mafinar, I think a lot of people would be interested in reading your thoughts - me included! :smiley: #book-adopting-elixir

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Sounds good, thanks!


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