Get 45% off at Manning!

Manning just sent me details of their Countdown sale:

We’ve launched the drive for the Countdown to 2023 December sale, and for those who sign up to the Deal of the Day in the masterlist before Dec 1 will get a code for 45% off their next order. This year the Countdown will be the opportunity for two people to win an eBook, LP, or LV of their choice every day in December if they’re signed up to the DOTD list. More details are coming soon for the actual offer we’ll be running.

Details here :023:

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The 45% discount is probably those newly signing up to Manning. I believe they will have a different set of books to have 45% discount every day until Dec 31.

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I’m not sure Joe, our Manning rep emailed me asking if we could share the details with our users, but yeah I think there’s a different deal each day :smiley: