Gathering team members for my project?

I’ve been working on and rewriting my messaging platform several times for the past two years. With Discords new rebranding, it has really put a bunch on pressure on me because I see more and more new and modern alternatives popping up. :grimacing:

I figured that it’s time to get at least one team member in order to start going places. But none of my friends use Elixir. :sweat_smile:

So, I’m here to ask, on a forum where I somewhat know the people: Are any of you interested in a (currently) unpaid position to help me out with my backend? :eyes:


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Man, I wish I wasn’t working for money. I’d help but as it is right now, I barely get enough time to pay proper attention to my missus. :frowning:


Oof, was kinda hoping for you and AstonJ because you’re the ones I see the most on here :joy:


There are a few threads about mentoring on EF that you might find useful @MrGeeDee : Search results for 'mentor' - Elixir Programming Language Forum :smiley:

As you can probably guess such schemes are often popular so you may find you’re in a queue - but while waiting, why not read some books? I am a self taught programmer who learnt through books and other online resources …if I can do it anyone can :+1:


Gonna check it out :eyes:
You’re the reason to why I even bought an elixir book :rofl:

But the thing is, two is (almost) always better than one, I’m a bit slow at times and feel like having another person would really help, big time! :joy:


I suggest another approach. Write down a plan for the project and call out for help on EF when you’re stuck on a task.

Because right now I couldn’t commit to regular coaching even if I was being paid for it. I suspect it’s the same story for most of the working programmers on EF.

But people there almost always help when you’re stuck and need help with something more concrete.


It’s so boring to write anything down though :weary::rofl:
I’ve written since stuff down, but i assume you mean something more like a Trello than a document with features? :eyes:


More like both. :laughing:

But what kind of a written form would the planning be in doesn’t matter much, as long as it’s planned.

IMO that’s your best option to have people help you but I might be wrong. There’s likely still people who are free enough to coach and help you with code.