Game Programming Design Patterns (Manning)

Game Programming Design Patterns: With examples in C# and Unity reveals how design patterns can help you level up the quality of your game code. This engaging and practical book presents classic design patterns, like Factory, Observer, and Event Queue, using Unity GameObjects, ScriptableObjects, and C#.

Harrison Ferrone

Game Programming Design Patterns teaches you 15 essential design patterns that will streamline your game’s codebase. Each chapter introduces a new pattern and shows you how to implement it in both pure C# code in Unity. Author Harrson Ferrone explains a pattern’s building blocks in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to customize to your project.

Every concept is illustrated with a great game development example. You’ll tinker with enemy spawning systems, inventory creation, and even character customization UIs. Best of all, every pattern you learn is fully transferable to other languages, allowing you to build software outside the games industry.

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