Functional Conf - Bengaluru, India 21-23 Nov 2024

Functional programming (FP) has been a hot research topic for over three decades now. However, in the last ten years, driven by the need to build massively concurrent systems and to handle big-data in smarter ways, diverse companies - ranging from tech start-ups to financial institutes - are rapidly adopting FP concepts.

Functional Conf, Asia’s premier Functional Programming conference brings you thought leaders to stretch your understanding, peak into the future and see FP in action.

Dive in to FP languages such as Haskell, Erlang, Elixir, Clojure, Scala, OCaml, Elm, F-sharp, C++, Kotlin, Golang, Rust, Julia, Lisp, Reason ML and APL.

Runs 21-23 November in Bengaluru, India


If more companies move to FP, I believe that written software will be a lot better and probably have lesser bugs.