Frictionless Generators (PragProg)

Effortlessly create well-tested, reliable, and easy-to-use generators that save time.


Garrett Dimon

Did you know that you can effortlessly create well-tested, reliable, and easy-to-use generators that save time? And when you create a custom generator, it doesn’t just save time for you but for your entire team. Over. And over. And over again. Every single Rails project already provides all of the tools to build custom generators. With a little guidance, you can use them just as effortlessly as every other part of Rails.

Frictionless Generators takes a holistic approach to help you see how to efficiently create and test custom Rails Generators so you and your team can save time. Think of it as a guide for saving time that just happens to use custom Rails Generators as the methodology.

It provides over 150 pages of pragmatic tips, tactics, and code samples to help you avoid speed bumps and get right into creating your own generators. It covers all of the key APIs and tools for creating generators while also avoiding getting stuck in the weeds or creating generators nobody will ever use.

But it’s not just about learning how to create them. It’s about learning when to not create one. It’s about recognizing when and how to customize an existing generator so you don’t reinvent the wheel.

Set aside any preconceived notions you may have about creating custom generators in Rails, and you’ll add one more powerful tool to that tool belt of yours. And you’ll waste less time on the tedious stuff so you can spend it on the high-value work you do.

This work was written and produced entirely by the author. We are proud to be distributing it.

Garrett Dimon has been designing and building on the web since 1998 and has been using Ruby and Rails since 2008 when he built his first SaaS application as a sole founder. After eight years of running it, he sold it to focus on recovering from health issues. Since then, he’s played key roles in the design and development of a wide variety of Rails applications and Ruby gems.

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