FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE Now Available

The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce the
availability of FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE. This is the first release of the
stable/13 branch.

Some of the highlights:

 * The clang, lld, and lldb utilities and compiler-rt, llvm, libunwind,
   and libc++ libraries have been updated to version 11.0.1.

 * Removed the obsolete version of the GNU debugger that was installed
   to /usr/libexec for use by crashinfo(8). Detailed kernel crash
   information can be obtained by installing modern GDB from ports or

 * Removed the obsolete binutils 2.17 and gcc(1) 4.2.1 from the tree.
   All supported architectures now use the LLVM/clang toolchain.

 * The BSD version of grep(1) is now installed by default. The obsolete
   GNU version that was the previous default has been removed.

 * Removed CU-SeeMe support from libalias(3).

 * The qat(4) driver has been added, supporting some of the
   cryptographic acceleration functions of the Intel QuickAssist (QAT)
   device. The qat(4) driver supports the QAT devices integrated with
   Atom C2000 and C3000 and Xeon C620 and D-1500 platforms, and the
   Intel QAT Adapter 8950.

 * Several deprecated drivers have been removed.

 * Several drivers have been ported to the PowerPC64 architecture.

 * The kernel now supports in-kernel framing and encryption of Transport
   Layer Security (TLS) data on TCP sockets for TLS versions 1.0 through
   1.3. Transmit offload via in-kernel crypto drivers is supported for
   MtE cipher suites using AES-CBC as well as AEAD cipher suites using
   AES-GCM. Receive offload via in-kernel crypto drivers is supported
   for AES-GCM cipher suites for TLS 1.2. Using KTLS requires the use of
   a KTLS-aware userland SSL library. The OpenSSL library included in
   the base system does not enable KTLS support by default, but support
   can be enabled by building with the WITH_OPENSSL_KTLS option

 * The 64-bit ARM architecture known as arm64 or AArch64 is promoted to
   Tier-1 status for FreeBSD 13.

 * And much more...*

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