Free Phoenix LiveView Course


Let’s get real. As in really knowing—clearly and practically—what’s up with Phoenix LiveView.

  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • What can I really build with it?

In this free video course from The Pragmatic Studio, you’ll get straight answers to these questions by seeing LiveView in action. One concept at a time. One real-world example at a time. One “AHA!” moment at a time.

We explore in-depth:

  • the overall programming model—it’s addictive, so consider yourself warned

  • what makes LiveView unique— it’s a game-changer

  • 15+ real-life examples—slip them right into your app

Nothing is left behind the scenes as “magic.” By seeing LiveView used in many different situations, you’ll quickly build up a strong intuition for when and how to use it.

“This is an awesome course! I really appreciate the way you build up the knowledge bit by bit. I’m already feeling confident to go out and use LiveView in my own projects.” - Jaime Iniesta

Get your copy of this free course today!


Loving this course so far!

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Thanks - glad to hear it, Steven!

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The video about the life cycle of live view was a game changer for me. It cleared out some of my misconceptions, thus making me more pro-efficient in using live view by not going against the program model inadvertently.

I see a lot of devs putting questions in the Elixir Forum that are related with the lack of knowledge about the life cycle of live view, despite some thinking they already know it well :wink:

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:clapper: Today we released the video for Example #10: Form Create, plus a challenging exercise!

In this example we use Ecto and changesets to dynamically create and add volunteers to a check-in list. As a bonus, we also use phx-update and temporary_assigns to reduce memory at web scale. :ok_hand:


:fire: On or off? Pending or completed? Draft or published? Your Phoenix UI often needs a quick and easy way to toggle a bit of state.

Today we dropped the video for Example #12: Toggling State into our free LiveView course.


:zap:Just released Example #13 in our free video course! We use Phoenix PubSub to push out real-time updates across multiple browser sessions.

Still amazed by how little code you have to write to make this work at web scale. And no hopping between languages and ecosystems — it’s all Elixir! :star_struck:

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:rocket: Example #14 is now in our free LiveView course. We hook a bit of JS into a LiveView for buttery-smooth infinite scrolling, and in the exercises you interop with two JS libraries straight off npm.

Next week’s video will be on stateless and stateful LiveComponents.



:partying_face: Today we released Example #15: LiveComponents in our LiveView course which is now complete! All the fundamentals of LiveView are bundled up for you in one nifty package. The final course has 18 videos (4 hrs) and 26 exercises. And it’s all FREE!

But there’s SO much more we want to share and explore about LiveView. So we’ve already begun creating new examples and exercises for a LiveView Pro course. :star_struck:

Just a few of the areas we’ve already started to explore include:

  • More on LiveComponents such as extracting reusable components, how they fit into a more complex app, and parent-child communication using Phoenix PubSub

  • More ways to interop with JavaScript including charts and maps (yes, and likely some Alpine JS)

  • Authentication since this topic turned out to be more involved than we originally anticipated

  • Testing because LiveView has such an awesome testing story

  • Designing a custom component such as a modal for dialogs and notifications

  • Live progress updates for background jobs

  • File uploads which, according to Chris McCord, are coming soon to LiveView

This will be a paid course, and we fully intend to give you more than your money’s worth. :smiley:

By purchasing the Pro version later this year, you’ll allow us to continue updating and offering the free version as a community resource. And you’ll also help make this a sustainable endeavor for the two of us.

If you’re interested in the Pro course, pick up a copy of the free Starter course and we’ll send you progress updates as we roll along.

Thanks so much for being with us on this ride!


Congratulations to you both! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Your course certainly helped generate lots of buzz and excitement for Elixir and I’m sure got many people to give Phoenix a go!

I can’t wait to do the course myself (I am going to do it after finishing Programming Phoenix) and I will definitely be looking forward to seeing your LiveView Pro course - please keep us posted(/start a dedicated thread for it) :nerd_face:

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