Facebook is receiving sensitive medical information from hospital websites

Ad-tracking by some hospitals may violate federal law protecting health data.

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Isn’t this HIPAA violation? Should the hospitals be sued? Or Facebook?

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I would personally class any unauthorised access to my personal data as theft, so would sue FB. Just because somebody says they have the rights to data doesn’t mean they do, so they should have carried our due diligence to ensure the owners of the data (the people the files/the data is about) have authorised the sale.

On a related note I am just waiting for someone to leak that apps (like dating apps or message apps) that ask for access to a user’s photo library are downloading contents without the user specifically uploading them themselves. I would sue under the computer misuse act which many countries have (usually to protect against hacking and/or other unauthorised access). When people allow apps to access their photo library it is on the understanding that it’s for when they are uploading specific photos to their profiles or to send people, not for those app companies to download, store/sell what is often highly personal content to others.

I think this is the reason why Apple recently added another security option which allows you to select which photos an app can access - why would they have needed to do that if the option was only there for you to upload photos that you specifically choose?