Exploring Graphs with Elixir: wrong id in triple (page 126)

Exploring Graphs with Elixir by @tonyhammond

According to the shorten form sample at the beginning of the page, the id in the long form should be “pragprog”, instead of “pragmatic”

The basic folded pattern shows a subject followed by a set of property/object
pairs. If we were to write this out in long form with each statement written as
subject/property/object (and with namespace prefixes substituted) we would
arrive at classic RDF triples:

# Error:
# <https://pragprog.com/> <https://example/id> "pragmatic" .

# Correction:
<https://pragprog.com/> <https://example/id> "pragprog" .

<https://pragprog.com/> <https://example/iri> "https://pragprog.com/" .
<https://pragprog.com/> <https://example/name> "The Pragmatic Bookshelf" .
<https://pragprog.com/> <http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#type>
    <https://example/Publisher> .

Yes. Thanks for catching that.

What was I thinking?