Exploring Graphs with Elixir: Chapter 3 is missing some macros

Exploring Graphs with Elixir by @tonyhammond

I am unsure if the book is intended to be worked through to recreate the library (which is great for learning things).

When the macros are first used it includes use for both Graph and Query.
So far only the Graph using has been defined, and then it only creates the read_graph and write_graph methods.

p.96 – Ch 3 > Storing Graphs in the Graph Store > Using Macros
the code comment in graph.ex

quote do
   # other (listings, new_graph) functions here
   def read_graph...
   def write_graph...

implies the author will define a few more functions later, or WE will add them on our own.

On the following page (97), we’re told we can check out the whole NativeGraph library functions:

iex> NativeGraph.[TAB]

which includes ALL the functions it will eventually output when ALL are defined in the using macros in both GraphCommons.Graph and GraphCommons.Query

The author just needs to update this code snippet to correspond with the next paragraph in the book.

Through the end of Ch 3, I see only two more functions used:

which I started defining in the next subsection, where first used:
p.100 – Ch 3 > Storing Graphs in the Graph Store > Listing

NOTE: I just noticed the author didn’t include these two functions in the source code either.

Here’s what I additionally wrote in my GraphCommons.Graph using macro

quote do

      def list_graphs(file_test \\ :exists?) do
         GraphCommons.Graph.list_graphs(unquote(graph_type), file_test)

      def list_graphs_dir(graph_dir) do
         GraphCommons.Graph.list_graphs_dir(graph_dir, unquote(graph_type))

   def read_graph...
   def write_graph...