Exploring Graphs with Elixir: book examples and source doesn't compile (page 20)

The GitHub page for the source code 404s. The code in the zip file doesn’t compile. The source code in the book itself doesn’t match the code in the zip file. The source code in the book doesn’t compile. Doesn’t matter if I try it stand alone or put everything into an umbrella. There are missing functions all over the place.

Things are WAY out of sync. When do we get an up to date GitHub repo so that we can use this book? I’m aware that it’s a beta book, but up to date code, even if different from the book, shouldn’t be something that doesn’t exist.

I’ve bought many PragProg Beta books. Maybe this Beta book needs to go back to Alpha?


That certainly sounds like some big issues. Books in the beta program may have significant out-of-sync samples as the author focuses on developing content and updating to the most recent releases. I’ve forwarded your concerns to the development editor. Thank you for the heads up! We take all feedback seriously.

Hi @galtmidas:

Thanks for your comments about the poor state of the bundled code. You are spot on.

My bad. I had always intended to make the full project avaiable in its own GitHub repo and to just use the code snippets zip file for code that was actually shown in the book. Inevitably the two code sets diverged and I did not pay sufficient attention to keeping them synced.

The good news is that I have cleaned up my master code base and have copied that into the code distribution, so the zip file will now (on the upcoming beta release, anyway) contain the full, working project. (I have dropped any earlier plans to make a separate GitHub distribution available.)

Apologies for not having done this sooner. I guess I just couldn’t quite see the best way forward in managing two different code sets. It’s now just one. And it should compile. :slight_smile:

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