Exploring Graphs with Elixir: additional/alt graph editor software (108)

p.108 – Ch 3 > Visualizing Graphs > Rendering with Omnigraffle

I noticed Omnigraffle is a premium software with a 14-day trial.
While probably excellent, I found a simple editor/visualizer online at:

I’m not sure if we’ll use Omnigraffle more in the book for such purposes, though I’d suggest adding Edotor as an additional or alternative option to get the ball rolling.
Here’s a shareable link for the Arpanet example:
Arpanet university graph

Hey, that’s a neat find. I hadn’t come across Edotor before.

You did also check out this list of resources:


Oh, and meant to say that we wouldn’t be returning to visualization later in the book just because there simply wasn’t space. That subject alone could fill a number of books. :slight_smile: