Evaluating FreeBSD Current for Production Use

Evaluating FreeBSD CURRENT for Production Use.
This article covers how running FreeBSD CURRENT can help you understand changes that are happening in the FreeBSD Operating System while giving you an opportunity to see how your stack performs with new features. It is important to know how upgrades to FreeBSD are going to impact your servers, and testing CURRENT is the best way to know what is going to happen in the future FreeBSD releases.
You can build a CURRENT system with the debugging features disabled, and perform some benchmarks to test the impact new features could have on performance. This will provide the opportunity of catching and mitigating issues in CURRENT before they reach the production stack. This is especially helpful if you have a large modified code base, or are building a product based on FreeBSD.
When it comes to performance benchmarking, you should always test with workloads which accurately model your real workloads. Most workloads will benefit significantly from disabling CURRENT’s debugging features, but some CPU only tasks won’t.

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