Erlang's not installing on macOS Big Sur "You are natively building Erlang/OTP for a later version of MacOSX than current version"

Just done a fresh install of macOS Big Sur and on installing Erlang I am getting:

asdf install erlang 23.1.2
Configure failed.
checking OTP version... 23.1.2
configure: error: 

  You are natively building Erlang/OTP for a later version of MacOSX
  than current version (11.0.1). You either need to
  cross-build Erlang/OTP, or set the environment variable
  MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to 11.0.1 (or a lower version).

ERROR: /Users/Aston/.asdf/plugins/erlang/kerl-home/builds/asdf_23.1.2/otp_src_23.1.2/make/configure failed!


asdf install erlang 23.1.2 

Does not work for me, and from:

	   test $int_macosx_version != unexpected || {
	   	AC_MSG_ERROR([Unexpected MacOSX version ($macosx_version) returned by 'sw_vers -productVersion'; this configure script probably needs to be updated])

I see "this configure script probably needs to be updated" so I guess it just means it’s a case of waiting for the team get around to it?

(I’m in no immediate rush so don’t mind waiting…)

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Try with this instead:



Thanks @xalxor it works :nerd_face: :+1:

Erlang bug tracker link:

Specifying deployment target 10.0 worked for me as well in the meantime. According to the metadata of the above ticket, Erlang 23.2 is going to fix the problem.


BTW yep, Erlang 23.2 doesn’t have the problem.

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The biggest fear when you update your Mac OS and crash the entire environment, so sad this incompatibility every time they lunch a new version.

Well, right now on Big Sur trying to install the latest Erlang 22 still doesn’t work, even with issuing MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.0 asdf install erlang

So yeah, not ideal. :frowning: But I will resist having to use Docker for a while still. :smiley:

But maybe when I buy a Linux workstation I’ll go that route.

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Can you enter this in terminal first:


And then try to install?