EOS – Emacs Operating System

This is my attempt at a complete workflow inside of Emacs.

There are many like it, but this one is mine. So let’s start with a story.

I used to be a hardcore Vim guy (hence the website named after a Vim command), in 2010 I joined a small company called Sonian doing Clojure as a full-time gig. As part of the job, we all pair-programmed together on Clojure code in Emacs using TMUX. This meant that I needed to learn Emacs having never used it before. I dived in head first and found Emacs to be a more customizable and elegant editor.

Around the same time, I switched to typing in Dvorak, so if you are reading this configuration and wondering why some of the bindings are the way they are, remember that my keys might be different than someone on Qwerty :slight_smile:

People often say about Emacs “sure it’s a great operating system, but it lacks a good editor” so I decided to call my configuration “EOS” for the Emacs Operating System. This is my tribute to the Complete Computing Environment, which heavily inspires this and from which I continue to find interesting tidbits to copy.

If you want to look at specific parts, jump down to the module list to see links to different parts of the configuration.

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