Elixir and OTP Video Course


“In other courses, I just learned how to use Phoenix, GenServer, and Supervisor like magic. Here I learned the foundations, how those components were built, and how it works under the hood.” - Maxsuel Maccari

When you’re trying to build real-world apps, magic is frustrating! It’s hard to build an app with confidence when the language feels foreign and the abstractions feel mysterious. Let’s face it: knowledge gaps are scary.

Imagine being able to use things like Tasks, GenServers, and Supervisors as effortlessly as loops and functions. Better yet, imagine what you could build using those abstractions as a foundation.

And what if you could see all these moving parts put together in the context of a real-world application?

You can! The “magic” of Elixir and OTP is totally understandable and totally practical.

“So many other tuts just cover the basic entry level things such as types and immutability along with building a toy application (no real world basis). Building the HTTP Sever was excellent because as it shaped up I was like, 'We are building a rough draft of Phoenix.” - Cody Brunner

The Pragmatic Studio’s video course takes a project-based approach to learning Elixir and OTP. You won’t find a course module named “Elixir Strings”. Booooring! Instead, we build a web server from the ground up. Along the way we dispel the magic of Tasks, GenServers, and Supervisors by deconstructing how these abstractions work.

"Most courses have the wrong pace for experienced devs. Yours is balanced perfectly: enough detail to learn and not get lost, but also a relatively fast pace and focus on idiomatic aspects.” - Weronika Łabaj

Ready to start using Elixir and OTP with confidence? In no time our course will take you from “Argh, I’m confused!” to "Aha, now I TOTALLY get it!”

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