Effective Haskell: Ch. 1 typos

  • “You’ll notice that in all of the examples so far, we’ve created lists that only contain numbers” - this is incorrect, one of the first examples is a list of strings.
  • use them effective → effectively
  • but we’ll stick to ascii - should be all caps, ASCII. Also in the next sentence, haskell should be capitalized.
  • This words, but it’s tedious → This works
  • calling double 3 is higher precedence - should be timesTwo (multiple times in this paragraph).
  • it relies on a implicit rules - delete “a”.
  • in difference circumstances → different
  • with an uppercase letter is a type constructors → constructor
  • we might deviate from the pattern from time to time if we doing so - if doing so (though the original is formally correct)
  • the intiial setup → initial
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Thanks for catching those! I’ll be sure to get them addressed in the next update!

Don’t worry about the specific meaning of the error text hear here.