Effective Go Recipes: Please add errata and questions

Hi folks,

This is the page for adding errata, suggestions, and questions for Effective Go Recipes by Miki Tebeka.


I am the book’s developmental editor (think big, structural stuff). The book is in beta as of August 16, 2023 and has not been copyedited. Minor typos are likely to be caught during copy editing and proofreading. Still if you catch one, feel free to let us know about it here. Please tag @tebeka in your post to be sure that Miki sees it.


thanks Margaret!

“You that slice related functions,” p73


func NewDecoder(r io.Reader) *Decoder { return &Decoder{json.NewDecoder(r)}


What you need to do is to covert a []byte to an io.Reader. This is where bytes.NewReader comes in handy:

cover → convert

@nguyentrongho Can you put this in it’s own post (not under the announcement), include the pdf page number where you found the error (if possible), and tag @tebeka so that the author sees it? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Margaret & @tebeka

On page 12 of the PDF, the text reads These interfaces are implement by files, sockets, HTTP response bodies and more and it should be These interfaces are implemented by files, sockets, HTTP response bodies and more.


Thanks, should be fixed in next release.