Dutch schools must stop using Google's email and cloud due to privacy concerns

Dutch schools must stop using Google’s email and cloud services due to privacy concerns…
Dutch Personal Data Authority raised concerns about Google’s GDPR compliance.

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I’m surprised how many people still use ‘free’ email like gmail and hotmail etc, I guess there are no easy alternatives for most people…

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I think there are a lot of fairly easy alternatives, the problem is more likely that there are no free alternatives to “free” email combined with a lack of understanding of how much “free” actually costs

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Wonder how much it would cost to offer a free POP/SMTP service - most people have smartphones now where people import the data from their old phone to their new phone, so there wouldn’t be any need for IMAP (though that could be offered at a price).

The biggest problem would probably be spam and the bandwidth it would use…

Could be also inertia, my first email account was with Yahoo created probably 20 years ago. My next email was with Gmail when they offered 1GB of free space and so on :slight_smile:

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It is a bit more complicated though because people generally expect to manage their data/emails on multiple devices. IMAP does this pretty well but POP and STMP don’t really do this particularly great on their own. It probably isn’t that hard to offer something barebones for a low cost but it does get increasingly hard to match the expectations of “free” offerings because they are super convenient and they know how to keep you locked in to their —choose you own undiplomatic word within your level of comfort here—

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True - Gmail just offered a better service all round for the same cost (free!)

Is yahoo still going? I’ve lost count of the number of new owners it’s had :lol:

The closest with POP is to set your client to delete after a number of weeks or days, this gives you the opportunity to download to all devices, tho obviously it doesn’t track read status or sync sent mail etc. The benefit of POP of course is that all your emails are on your device, not up on someone’s servers.

Personally I only email from my Mac, if I need to compose an email on my phone or iPad I will do so in Notes, then send when I am back on my computer. Most people use their phone for everything tho - many do not even own a home computer :icon_eek: