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Someone where use Doom Emacs right now? I like to starting this topic to discuss it and learn a little bit more, not just only the emacs editor and the custom configurations most of the focus in the Elixir Language.

I’m the fresh use emacs and doom emacs for more clarifications, and I use this editor for around more than one week.

And I really enjoy it most then use my vim with my own configuration where I spend so much time configure and customize my keybindings.

Tell more about your experience, and customizations, and so on…


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Does it differ much from SpaceMacs @herminiotorres? What do you like about it?

I liked SpaceMacs but it just felt a little slow to me…

A college of mine tells me about the spacemacs, and I give it a shot, but when I try to install and use I feel a little difficult to understand and customize what I need…

I wouldn’t say I like it at all, but I find another one called the Doom Emacs. In my perspective, I feel simple to install and choose the packages that I need and customizations for my own. It’s running very fast and quickly.

I basically enjoy it most, and the Doom Emacs project it’s a more vibrant git repository instead of spacemacs.

And the Doom Emacs has integration with LSP(Elixir LS), and from what I can tell, the Spacemacs doesn’t.

I enjoyed the keybindings, and I found a good playlist to teach and configure the Doom Emacs.

Yes, right now, I have a few biases to the Doom Emacs.


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I’ve used it as my daily coding editor (React) for over a year but now use it only for Org (w. Org Roam) as an alternative to Obsidian. The reason for switching was Emacs lack of proper JSX support for Typescript (not that I blame them).

Apart from the way you configure it (I never became close friends with Spacemacs) one of the core differences is speed (mind I haven’t tried Spacemacs in years so might not be a problem anymore). Doom does some really clever things to make it very snappy, to the point of wondering if your really started Emacs at all. :grin:

The community around Doom is great and the maintainer very responsive.

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BTW on macOS I accelerated my Spacemacs significantly (and I suppose the normal Emacs as well but never tested) by using a font with no emoji. Dumb but it works. Don’t ask how much hours did it take me to find the recommendation on the net…

My font is Sometype Mono. Installable through homebrew like this: brew install font-sometype-mono


What is your new editor right now?

I disable the Org and your all flavors packages, but maybe I will give it a try in the future.

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Mainly VSCode for coding (it just works so well out of the box for Typescript/React) and Vim for everything else.

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Oh, that is interesting. Will add that to the mental tips and tricks list if I run into that. Thanks!


By the way, I’m very curious about the OniVim IDE, how much easy to use with these very new technologies we have…

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Thanks for sharing this with us, after I read this, I searching for fonts without emojis, and I find this font Iosevka.

By the way another fun fact after my research, I came through this repository with feel hints to get improvements and customize your Doom preferences, and they suggest a little variant for Iosevka font, Iosevka Term SS04. let me share these links:


Yep, Iosevka is one of the very widely used fonts – thanks for mentioning the recommended variant. I like it for some tasks but not for editing code. Hence I went with Sometype Mono which achieved the same Emacs-accelerating effect.

Thanks for the second link. :+1:


Adding to the list of links but I stumbled over this interview with the creator of Doom Emacs yesterday. Found it interesting to listen to some of his background and thoughts:


Thanks to share this interview with us @Hallski , I just watched and enjoy it so much…

By the way, I just see on elixirstatus aggregator, this blog post:

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I just found this one to use a LiveView Sigil(~L) syntax highlighting, on doom:

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