Does anyone use a tmux session switcher?

Can anyone recommend a tmux session switcher? I’ve used in the past but it’s not very actively maintained and has gotten to be slower than a simple prefix-s up/down enter.


I keep meaning to check out tmux after first seeing @bphogan’s book featured in a PragProg newsletter a few years ago - I like the idea of others being able to share a session and help work on a problem.

I look forward to seeing suggestions too (I wonder if @bphogan has any?) :blush:


I’ve never invested in a session management tool for tmux. I use prefix s a ton, but also prefix ( and prefix ) a lot too, as those cycle forward and backward.

Here’s what I end up using:

  • prefix s - display session switcher
  • prefix ( previous session
  • prefix ) next session
  • :switch -t [name] switch to specific session by name

I am aware that exists but I have not used it and it doesn’t look like it’s maintained currently.


Hmm, maybe I’ll try to make better use of prefix ( and prefix ). I don’t have quite as many sessions as I used to. Before I would often have 4 sessions that I would constantly jump between so previous and next wouldn’t be as useful.


For anyone interested in this I’ve settled on

Although to switch directly to a session you need to define a keybinding:

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