Do you cover your computer's webcam?

Looking at @siddhant3030’s photo from the Do you blog? thread, do you cover your computer or phone camera as a security precaution?

What about microphones?


Neither :slight_smile: (Though I probably should)


You’re using Linux so you might be ok (?) haha!


I am on Linux and I am covering for a long time :wink:

Zoom was one of the last software I know that could exploit it without your consent or you know it was being used.


Thinkpad T480 has a built-in webcam cover. I slide the cover across unless I’m actual in a video call.

Mobile phone is another matter…


Yeah, my company laptop – Thinkpad T490 – has a hardware webcam cover as well and I’ve covered the camera from day one.

I don’t cover the camera array of my Macs because it also serves as an ambient light sensor – once I’ve experienced automatic brightness adjustment I seriously can’t live without it! And I do regular video calls from it so there’s no point making my life harder there.

But for the company machine, definitely.


Why would it use a comparatively battery/power-expensive camera to check that instead of a simple light-resistor? On my phone at least there’s a light resister adjacent to the camera for that functionality.

To clarify, I am not sure which of the several small thingies I see at the top of my display is the actual ambient light sensor. I can likely get away with buying a hardware cover for the camera only while leaving the light sensor alone but truthfully I couldn’t be bothered since I use the camera of the Mac quite often and manually cover/uncover it will likely get tedious very quickly.

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The largest one is usually the camera :smiley:

I use stickers in plain black on my monitor and laptop as I never use the camera on those, and have a leather case for my iPhone that covers the camera when not in use:

(Those pictures don’t do it justice, the photos in the reviews are much better)

I also have also recently bought some CCTV cameras for the house but they won’t be connected to the internet or make use of any cloud services - who knows where the footage would end up!