Do we really need maths for programming?

This YouTuber thinks you do:


I think it probably depends on what you want to do, but for me personally, it’s definitely something I want to learn from a programming perspective…


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I used it to create a Pie chart in <canvas>. The ratio, radius, start-angle, end-angle, etc. :joy:


Yep, really depends on what you wanna do, and: “Math” is quite a big thing :stuck_out_tongue:
If you wanna do a 3d engine, you’ll need some know how in vector geometry and matrix calculations. (I did some quite nice things there :smiley: )
For the generic business app: nope.

I don’t think that you need a deeper understanding of math to understand programming, even if many people say so and my dad was a math teacher at highschool.

What helps more is understanding how a computer and memory works, and deep knowledge of the domain you’re in.


I’m definitely interested in this - particularly in relation of WASM (just curious how much more you could do - I’m getting bored of all the ‘standard’ interfaces, haha!)

Do you recommend any good books on this?

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