Devtalk Peace Symbol

Hi everyone, we have created a binary version of a peace symbol with the Devtalk colours and are going to feature it permanently on our homepage (bottom right). We are also including a wiki post (below) where anyone can edit in links to humanitarian organisations. If anyone would like to add the symbol to their projects, websites, blogs or social media you are more than welcome to - the graphic is free to use and we would also be happy to supply a version in the colour of any other language, framework or company too.

Recent events have been a stark reminder of the devastation caused by conflicts and we hope our inclusion of the symbol here indicates support of global peace and those affected most. We welcome and look forward to seeing you or others use it too <3


Please note anyone at Trust Level 1 or higher can edit this post - we welcome you to edit in links to humanitarian organisations you support or would like others to support. Please only include verified organisations and please do not use this post to make any kind of political statement. Please use the following format: - Name of humanitarian organisation - URL

Humanitarian Organisations


In case anybody would like a mono b/w version:

White -

Black -