Devtalk 2023 Update!

Hello everyone, welcome to our 2023 update! :039:

Apologies for the delay, it’s been manic!

Can you believe another year has past!? And what a year it’s been - a lot has happened in the dev world this past 12 months, particularly on the A.I/ML front.

It’s certainly an exciting time to be a developer with all sorts of progress and new opportunities arising (who’d have thought this time last year there’d be a new ‘prompt engineer’ job category!?) but it’s also a time that’s raising questions about ethics and the plagiarisation of styles and works of others in the creation of some of these tools:

As is becoming a common theme in tech, the technology surfacing is ever more awe-inspiring, but it’s the use and application of it which worries people most. Who knows where all this will end up, but you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll get all the latest news and info here!

It’s been a great year for Devtalk too - we’re now serving over 500K pages a month and are almost at 2.5K members. Our goal this year is to continue growing our user-base and carrying on all of our favourite initiatives. Let’s talk about some of them next…

Our 2023 Giveaways!

We’re back with our awesome giveaways, giving away 5 prizes every month!

For those of you who want even more chances to win, we have similar giveaways on the Elixir Forum and the Erlang Forums too!


Can’t wait? We got you covered!

  • 35% off any ebook published by PragProg!
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In The Spotlight!

Proudly in association with our friends at The Pragmatic Bookshelf, we’ll be hosting more Spotlights in our Spotlight section. These will consist of an interview followed by the thread being opened up to questions from you, the Devtalk community.

But there’s more!

One participant from the thread will be randomly selected to win one of that author’s books if the Spotlight in about a PragProg author or one of PragProg’s books if it’s a non-author Spotlight.

As a highly community-orientated platform we love things like this! Thank you PragProg for helping make it happen!

Members of the Year

Platforms like this would be nothing without helpful members like you. Whether that’s through keeping members updated by regularly posting news or other interesting threads, documenting your learning journey or encouraging others to, welcoming and posting in other people’s threads or simply helping them the good old fashioned way by answering questions. If you consistently add value to the community we are likely to notice - and we aim to recognise and reward another 50 of you this year too - with the prize of an eBook of your choice from PragProg or Manning!

Last year’s MOTYs

We’ve got so many awesome members here - all of you adding value in your own way, whether it’s by being active, helpful, or using the platform to announce blogs and podcasts - it all helps and we’ve tried to recognise as many of you as we can. If you’ve posted content that has received attention or helped in some way then it’s a good chance we noticed …but it would be impossible to include everyone so please forgive us if you didn’t make the list. (However we’ll be giving away books as part of our book clubs so be sure to read that too!)

If you’re named here thank you and well done - and please read the bit at the end as we have an ebook for you!



















































:041: :041: :041: :041: :041:

As a thank you, we have an ebook for each of our winners! We have 25 books from PragProg and 25 from Manning so if you are listed above, please PM @AstonJ with your first choice from one publisher and your second choice from the other (please also include your full name, email address and country of residence) - we’ll then allocate these on a first come first serve basis :023:

Book Clubs

We’ll be running more book clubs this year so definitely keep your eyes open for this!

If you’ve been interested in learning something but haven’t got to it, or love the idea of reading a book with others or documenting your journey in a more solo journal - let us know! We have a number of books to give away as part of this initiative and would love to see more book clubs going, and if you have some friends or colleagues to join you even better! PM @AstonJ with your interests and we’ll see what we can come up with :smiley:

In Closing

With all the progress in the AI space been it’s been an incredibly interesting and important year for the dev world, and we’ve really enjoyed learning all about it and hearing your views here on Devtalk. What’s really exciting is that this really is just the beginning - what will we see from the next version of ChatGPT, MidJourney and their open source equivalents? (Such as Open Journey and Stable Diffusion.) Whatever comes next, you can count on us for bringing you the latest news!

We hope you’re just as ready and eager, and we hope you’ll all be carving out your own paths in this brave new world - we have no doubt you will be and we look forward to hearing all about it and devtalking more this year!

Have a great 2023 everyone! :blue_heart:



2023 will be a wonderful year!

Thanks for all of the work @AstonJ :muscle: You are too good, we don’t deserve you :wink:

And cheers to all of the folks discussing, posting, answering on DevTalk.


I believe 2023 will be a good year to everyone. Though there might be an economic impact due to the cycle, we here are happy and are less worrying about the pandemic now.


To those who were laid off and came back, huge respect for grinding and surviving last year (welcome 2023). Wishing good health to y’all.


Thanks @AstonJ for keeping this dev friendly community going!

Last year was one of learning and preparing for me, to re-launch my freelancing web-dev business in 2023.

Here’s to a great year for all of us!


Thank you @AstonJ. I really learned things in these forums that I was able to apply in my work. :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone and to @AstonJ. Let’s keep sharing knowledge! :slight_smile:


Let’s all contribute for a wonderful 2023! :slight_smile:


2023, the year of ChatGPT :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you @AstonJ for keeping this forum alive.


Thank you @AstonJ and all devtalk community =)

I really like this place, and I hope to see it growing even more this year =)


I hope that everyone here will have a great 2023. Thank you everyone for making this forum awesome.


Thank you for this community, and thank you @AstonJ =)


Interesting … I’m member of the year on two forums! :tada:

Before devtalk, when I was active only on Elixir forum (2017-2019) there were theories that I’m not sleeping at all. If I remember correctly I still forgot to apologize :pray: to Aston for all those reports about problems with forum in the middle of night when Aston tried his best to find a time when most of people is not using forum - in practice it mean everyone except me. When writing this message I have realized that in that case I looked like an old :older_man: retired man with nothing to do and spending all the time on watching everything around. :joy:

Active and this year plans:

  • I would definitely keep posting high quality answers on Elixir forum (i.e. those including examples with comments and links to helpful resources)
  • Most probably I would write even more personal small projects (scrapers & automation)
  • I’m not saying no if I would receive a good contract offer
  • Maybe I would become member of the year on 3 forums (including Erlang one)
  • I’m subscribed to 7 Elixir/Beam podcasts
  • I’m watching 60 GitHub repositories
  • I’m subscribed to 5 blog/news sites
  • I’m watching 26 YouTube and 2 twitch channels
  • I plan to reach 1 year overall anime watch time
  • Maybe I would find a time to contribute on some GitHub projects
  • Maybe I would find a time to work on my current projects

Finally my resolution for this year would be … “do something with myself”. Recently I caught myself on being less active comparing to previous years (especially 2017-2019). :smiling_imp:


Somehow I missed this thread. Thanks everyone for a great year at Devtalk. Really happy that communities like this exist to share our joint interest in software development!

A big kudos to @AstonJ for our the hard work maintaining and developing the community. :star_struck:


@AstonJ and all of you in this forum, thank you so much! :heart:

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I hope that everyone here will have a great 2023. Thank you everyone for making this forum awesome.

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I’m honoured to be part of that list, though I feel like I haven’t really been present in the last year. Got a kid in October 2021 and she’s been soaking up whatever little freetime I had. :laughing: