Deurbanising the Web (pdf)

Deurbanising the Web

“I’ve migrated to HTML 4.”

  • Mark Pilgrim, January 2003.

“The software industry is currently going through the “disposable plastic” crisis the physical world went through in the mid-20th century (and is still paying down the debt for). You can run software from 1980 or 2005 on a modern desktop without too much hassle, but anything between there and 2-3 years ago? Black hole of fad frameworks and brittle dependencies. Computer Archaeology is going to become a full-time job.”

  • Linux Weekly News, August 2020

Computing in the 2020s is (still) a user-hostile shifting sand land1. We are drowning in churn and noise. I am fighting back by switching this website from HTML to PDF.

Yes, blasted, accursed PDF, of all things!

“Why? Why?! For the love of all that is holy, why?!” you say!

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