Design and Build Great Web APIs: Source code can not be extracted and is probably outdated

The zip file containing the source code for the book can not be opened on Unix systems.

Error Message:

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Ok, I managed to extract it via a windows vm.
But I can not find the files: company-diagram.png and company-ic.txt mentioned in Part II. > 3. Modeling APIs > Modelling Our Onboarding API Lifecycle

On my system:

Further, the story code/ch03-modeling/exercise/before/credit-check / does not follow the outlined approach of [Purpose, Data, Action, Processing].
I guess that the whole zip file is kind of outdated.

@mamund this post had the incorrect book tag, so you may not have seen it.

OK, hadn’t seen this yet. I’ll check out the zip file to make sure it’s up-to-date and works for *nix as well as win OS. I’ll post results on this thread.


FYI … in terms of content of source code I just found the same thing … no company-digram.png company-ic.txt :slight_smile: