Design and Build Great Web APIs Book Club

I would love to begin a book club with Mike Amundsen’s (@mamund) book
Design and Build Great Web APIs.

It seems that building new systems today always involve some kind of APIs, be it that you work on the backend and need to make an API available to your frontend developers or vice versa. It could also be interesting to build public APIs in the future, and having the knowledge that this book provides could become vital. :man_scientist:

I have hijacked a couple of people to be part of it (@althegler, @CKolkey, @andersmarkc). :heart:

You are all, of course, welcome to join. I imagine we’ll use this thread to discuss the book chapter by chapter on a week-by-week basis, that is next week we’ll talk about chapter one (“Getting Started with API first”). The book contains exercises that we’ll all try to solve as well (solutions are present in the book, so it shouldn’t be a dreaded task :sweat_smile:)

All I want is a post with the chapter title and a short description about what you all thought about the chapter, along with:

  • what you learned from it, if anything
  • what’s missing, if anything
  • how you managed with the exercises

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Nice one Ohm!! I am looking forward to following how you all get on as I think I will read this book at some point too :003:

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Sounds interesting. I need to learn how to design web APIs, probably learn the fundamentals.