Declarative GNOME configuration with NixOS

Declarative GNOME configuration with NixOS.
I adore tinkering with my machine, trying new tools, extensions, themes, and ideas. When I was younger, it was simply a way to learn. Now, it’s a way for me to refine my workspace and bring myself small joys.
While tinkering can be fun, it can be a chore to set up a new machine, keep configurations up to date between machines, or even just remember to keep up to date backups. We’ve previously explored how to create Configurable Nix packages, which solves the problem for things like neovim, but what about when a package isn’t practically configurable?
What about when we want to configure a whole desktop environment? While NixOS offers configuration settings like services.gnome.gnome-keyring.enable for systemwide features, there’s a void of knobs when you want to set things like user-specific GNOME ‘Favorite Apps’ or extensions.
Let’s explore a useful addition to your NixOS configuration: Home Manager and its dconf module.

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