Dark mode is not as good for your eyes as you believe (2019)

Dark mode isn’t as good for your eyes as you believe.
The shadowy display mode has leagues of fans claiming it helps reduce eye strain, lengthen battery time and improve sleep. But dark mode isn’t quite the screen saviour it’s made out to be

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I only actually like dark mode when reading in the dark, like when reading in an iPad in bed. Otherwise, I still prefer light mode.

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Dark mode helps eye strain

What? :icon_surprised:

Limiting screen time is the top tip from the Mayo Clinic.

Please don’t tell that to people who work with said screens and they are also related to a hobby like anime, movies, many other types of videos or just ebooks. :joy:

Why by default people assume that if you force someone to do anything then that person would be more happy? It’s why I share opinion or give a suggestion and if someone does not agree with me I want to listen their use cases. We finally need to understand that there is no single rule to cover all cases. :-1:

That’s said it’s definitely much better to make breaks, especially on toilet. Funny or not we are just humans, for or not makes us tired. As same as we need to sleep as same our body deserves a rest. :toilet:

Dark mode makes text more legible

I would like to know from where they are taking such stupid myths. In that way black text on black background is best … I guess some people take too seriously some opinions of non-experts that use some kind of too generic naming. :speak_no_evil:

For the device itself, recommendations include raising the contrast of your screen, or adjusting the brightness so it’s no lighter or darker than your surroundings.

Yeah, that’s definitely it. Btw. is it obvious only for me? I mean … you know … when I’m outside and there is too much light then I’m changing a phone’s brightness. I’m doing that without any research or something like that. :high_brightness:

During interview I’m always saying that I’m not experienced in devops, security or UI, because no matter if I use Gentoo daily, I’m able to notice a potential security problems or create a nice-looking site then still when dealing with it in practice I’m not aware of all aspects on professional level. Even if I don’t have a practical know-how I still know some naming and I know that when designing UI (colours or themes) you need to make sure that the site you style have some specific contrast or higher (don’t remember exact value). Even if you understand the task and how to do it as long as you don’t know such things you can’t call yourself an expert in my opinion. :scientist:

Dark mode makes text more legible

Ehh … isn’t that obvious too? It’s of course false. There are many things that makes text more of less readable. Here are some of them from the most important one:

  1. Quality of text - you can’t read fast something you don’t understand or have lots of mistakes you need to correct
  2. Contrast of the page - as said white on white is as same easy to read as black on black. The point here is a difference between them. Do you put a shadow of same or similar color on typical text? I guess no. We are doing that on bigger text where a different style screams: “Hey you! Look at me”
  3. Habits - if you were using a bright variant for years it’s hard to change, same for a darker version
  4. Preferences - your own use case like problems with eyes
  5. Environment - you are outside or another year in a basement

However, eye conditions causing a sensitivity to light such as photophobia or keratoconus or those suffering loss of vision might benefit from the inky display mode.

Yeah, I can confirm that. I have problems with eyes, but as long as the font is big enough (it’s really easy to configure it almost everywhere) and there is a good contract then in general dark theme is feels much better especially in long sessions. :eyes:

Dark mode is better for battery life

I’m not expert in hardware, but without reading I assumed that’s true for some screens and not true or partially true for others. That’s said it should not affect the battery so much as long as you not spend whole day on reading ebooks. You most probably use dark theme on your favourite video site, so you can focus on bright videos. When programming or in console you see tons of colours and so on, you play games or creating/viewing photos with lots of bright spaces … Those things makes this argument a really week. “Experts” needs to finally understand that we are not mice in the laboratory. Everyone have different case, so no matter what evidences you would find as long as you don’t compare them in real-world case they are worth not more than a paper you used to write a document. :scroll:

Dark mode increases concentration and decreases distraction

Sometimes it’s just so hard to comment … :man_facepalming:

Standalonly it means nothing if you are outside in a sunny day. People are making their rooms and backgrounds black to focus on bright things like text, images or videos. It’s like a setting up mood for a date - we can share some things, but in general it’s very individual thing. :see_no_evil:

Dark mode is better for bedtime

Ok, now I’m sure about one thing - this needs to be some kind of a joke. I’m not sure in what world they live, but in my case I’m going to be when I’m tired and I’m sleeping very quickly. Obviously there are people with a problems - as in any topic, but they are not part of it now, right? I have no idea how they tested it … Read an e-book and go to sleep or something like that? :joy:

Want to know more about the future of wellbeing and happiness?

No need, I already know:

  1. Move most politics to jail
  2. Changing hiring strategies
  3. Let people work and live from their work

So simple yet so difficult. :smiling_imp:

Well … how to summary it …

Is the topic worth to discuss?

For me most or all things are obvious, but looks like it’s just me. Anyway it’s interesting to know some details on how black theme affects people who have vision problems. In general it’s a good topic, but … :icon_confused:

Is the article good?

As mentioned looks like they took very generalised sentences and confront them with a full opinions of experts. I don’t like stuff like click-bait and the headings in the article are definitely not the best ones. For me it was something like exlaining tastes by science based on sentence like Bananas are yummy!. This technique a bit puts a black theme fans in a bad light. :joy:

That’s said … the paragraphs are describing problems well. There is a noticeable understand of the 2nd side. Finally they don’t assume that the topic is end as there are fields that could be further investigated. :mag:

Is it worth to read?

I would recommend to read article carefully i.e. without skipping any part as besides obvious you may find some confirmations also interesting. :thinking:

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