Confused if I go for macbook 2019 model?


I’m about to buy a MacBook 2019 model. I use mostly Elixir in my development. Should I go for this MacBook? or should I consider a Linux too?

For this price, I can get a probably much better Linux machine. But mac os I have been using for nearly 3 years now. It’s really easy to use and most things can be done using brew. But I was using MacBook 13 inch, i5 processor one. It was smooth until I have to run docker and Kubernetes. I know it will be smooth on MacBook pro. But how different is compared to Linux?


Depending on amount of customisation you want. If you will just run Ubuntu or other “user-facing” distribution and call it a day, then there should be not much difference between macOS and your Linux (maybe except some applications like my favourite Dash). However if you want to customise your OS then Linux will be much easier both to customise and screw up everything.

About Docker then the native support for it on Linux for sure is a big pro, but I haven’t had much problems with my limited use of Docker on macOS via VM (I find it enormously sad that macOS still do not support FreeBSD jails which is like containers on Linux).


You can run linux on your Mac - that’d let you decide what might be best for you? Best of both worlds :nerd:

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MacBook Pro has 2 versions i7 with 16gb ram another one is i9 with 32gb ram. With i9 processor is costly here. I was thinking if I bought something in dell with the i9 processor and using dual boot Linux and windows. Will it affect the performance?


You can buy one with i7 and 32GB RAM. I have one like that.


Are you using system 76 ?

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