Conditional context for macros

Blogged on how to use __CALLER__.context and __CALLER__.context_modules to build macros, which behaviour depends on the context (different/extended abilities when in guard, when in match, elsewhere.)


You’re on a roll Aleksei! Keep it up :smiley:

I enjoyed reading about your handle btw!

Nowadays I got used to a nickname “mudasobwa,” proudly granted by rwandian linguists:

Kinyarwanda, the language spoken by most Rwandans, has no words for many basic technical and computing terms, including the very word “computer”

After debating whether to borrow English or French terms or come up with their own native word, the group settled on “mudasobwa”…

…“something or someone that does not make mistakes”



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Yeah, back in, I believe, 2005 or like, I was registering on some service and all the handles that could have been read nearly similar to aleksei were taken.

Undecided, I switched to reading news and that was the first news, literally thrown into my face by the feed. So I had next to zero chance to avoid trying it for, as I thought, a while. It’s still with me because even nowadays this handle is almost always free :slight_smile:

Unfortunaly, the part about mistakes lies.

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It’s so much worse now - particularly when trying to find a decent .com!! :joy:

The universe wanted you to have it :sunglasses:

Maybe they were imaging what it would be like in the future? Haha! :robot:

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There are so many domain suffixes nowadays though!

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I know :joy: …but you still can’t beat the top tier tlds imo :upside_down_face: .com, .net (esp if a ‘network’ of sorts) and .org (for organisations). Country specific tlds are great for country-specific stuff too.

TLDs matter less for mobile/desktop apps tho, but I think when you are primarily a website .com is the gold standard :sunglasses:

❯ whois
No match for domain "MUDASOBWA.NET".

❯ whois

I am fine with for my personal adventures, though :slight_smile:

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If it was me I would have got them all :rofl:

I think I have a domain problem - I have so many that I get a discount from my provider! :speak_no_evil:

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