Computer power consumption - tested yours?

I found an old electric monitor and thought I’d see what my LG5K monitor while connected to the Mac was using - it powers the Mac and all devices connected to it: a USB hub with two SSDs and a DAC.

These are just basic tests of a few minutes, just to get an idea:

  • With the Mac on (awake) and while it’s charging the Mac, it consumes about 140w
  • With the Mac asleep and it charging, it consumes about 90w.
  • With the Mac awake and it not charging, it consumes about 70w
  • With the Mac asleep and it not charging, it consumes about 35w
  • When the Mac is disconnected, it consumes about 9w

If it is doing something intensive that consumption would obviously go up, but for general everyday stuff it should be a fair representation. The Mac had lots of tabs, apps open.

Anyone else tested the power consumption of their set-up? Any interesting findings? :upside_down_face:

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